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Champion Karate West teaches a full range of martial arts including: Taekwondo and self-defense classes for children, teens, women, men, and seniors.

Why should you take martial art classes from Champion Karate West?


We offer unlimited classes 6 days a week to all students


We offer smaller size classes to pay attention to the individual


Our staff has 40 years of experience teaching martial arts


We work with local businesses and schools to teach martial arts


Our prices will fit every budget


Our staff has training in Taekwondo, Hapkido, Kung fu, Jiu-Jitsu and much more


Meet Master Paul Barker

Master Barker Karate & Taekwondo

This is a Family martial art center because we believe that families should train together. Call for our FREE TRIAL PACKAGE or go to the contact us page. Make sure you say “trial package.”

This school is a “Black Belt School.” You train for a black belt, not just for an under belt. Hope to see you in class. “Keep Kicking!”

-Master Paul Barker

Master Paul Barker, a 5th degree black belt, has been teaching for 45 years in martial arts, and Champion Karate West has been open for 3.5 years (see staff history). Master Barker has trained numerous black belts in Maryland as a Montgomery county Police Officer including:

*Shannon Gyles    *Teo Gyle     *Darwin Ciufuentes     *Patricia De Leon

*JJ Siddique,     *Joelle Mensah,     *Jerilyn Mensah    *Brenda Santana

*Cecilia De Leonn     *Lidia Costillo     * Celso De Leon.


 Utah Black Belts

*Azusena Rivera  *Jordan Diaz   *Junior black belts: Paul Moreland * Mia Garcia  * Dante Massaglia*


The following Grand Masters, Masters & Sensei’s  sat on the the test boards.

*Grand Master Tony Martinez Sr. 9th degree

*Shihan. Master David Pierce 6th degree

* Master Ty Hatfield 5th degree     *  Alfredo Chandia Sensei 5th degree

*Sensei Jordan Diaz 3rd Degree     *  Sah dum Nim Dennis Park.

Now Offered: Self Defense Courses

We have an exciting Personal Protection Program for all ages. The program is offered to everyday people, based on education and simple techniques that will empower you to be more aware, build your confidence, and help you live a safer life. The techniques are easily learned and based on body mechanics you have been doing your whole life: clapping hands, turning a key, knocking on a door, and more. The program is based on a self escape philosophy. The program does not show you how to stand there and fight a person, it shows you how to create a window of opportunity to get away. The program also teaches you how to be aware of your surroundings by learning how to scan your environment and avoid a bad situation. The program will build self confidence through education and training. It will empower you with the knowledge and skills useful for handling difficult situations. This is not a martial art program. We teach protection classes for all ages.

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