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For the past five years, Champion Karate West has engrained hard work and dedication in both children and adults through martial arts skills and training. Located in Provo, Utah, Champion Karate West hosts a wide variety of martial arts classes that cater to the wants and needs of individuals across all ages.

Classes We Offer


At Champion Karate West, we offer five different classes as well as a unique after school program for children. Classes include:

  • Children Classes

Kids ages three to five are encouraged to join the children’s class, where they work on fitness, motor skills and strength, and develop lifelong qualities such as confidence, friendship, self pride and other social skills.

  • Teenage Classes

Teens between the ages of 13 and 18 are invited to partake in a unique martial arts class that encourages the development of body, mind and spirit. As a remedy for some of the biggest challenges faced by teens today, martial arts supports fitness, positive self-esteem, socialization skills, stress management, self-defense and more.

  • Adult Classes

Adults of all ages will benefit from learning self defense while getting fit. Our safe, clean, well-instructed classes are idea for any adult eager to learn martial arts skills and improve self-defense.

  • Taekwondo Classes

Students in the taekwondo classes lean discipline and self-defense while increasing confidence and self-esteem. This class combines combat techniques, self-defense, sport, exercise, even meditation and philosophy, to achieve true Taekwondo skills.

  • Self Defense Classes

Like insurance coverage, self-defense is one of those things that you hope to never use, but when needed, you’re glad you have it. Learn how to properly protect yourself from some of the best instructors around.

  • After School Homework and Martial Arts Program

This package program provides children with homework help, reading assistance and special martial arts classes. The program will run Monday through Friday every week from 2:30 to 6:00 PM.

Our Staff


Master Paul Barker is a retired police officer from Montgomery County, Maryland, who has over 25 years of experience teaching Karate programs to all types of people and groups. He has run several award-winning Karate classes for children and adults and has studied under world-renowned trainers from around the nation. This 5th degree black belt instructor is known for:

  • His years of training
  • Innovative ideas
  • Advanced technology
  • Clear communication

Sport Taekwondo vs. Traditional Taekwondo


At Champion Karate West, our instructors are trained in Sport Taekwondo, or World Taekwondo Federation, and Traditional Taekwondo methods. Here are the differences:

  • Sport Taekwondo: This type of Taekwondo is the type of martial arts seen in the Olympics. It is an upright style of Taekwondo where the stances are short and the kicks are fast and furious.
  • Traditional Taekwondo: With Traditional Taekwondo, the stances are longer and kicks are delivered more slowly. This style involves a lot of strikes, punches and breaking.

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To learn more about Champion Karate West or to register for a class with Master Barker, call us at (801) 709-6011, today.

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