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Are you a parent in the Utah County area looking for a safe, reliable activity that will keep your children busy while you’re at work or engaging in other commitments? At Champion Karate West, we offer a wide variety of after school programs and professional martial arts classes that will help your child thrive both in the classroom and as individuals. Contact us today for more information on Utah Country martial arts!


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The Children Classes offered by Champion Karate West provide your child with a wealth of benefits. Through martial arts training your child will develop discipline while learning self-defense skills, self-confidence and the importance of fitness. With over 40 years of experience teaching children’s classes, Champion Karate West helps children develop a multitude of skills in a fun, friendly and safe environment.


Champion Karate West also offers an after school program that provides homework help, reading assistance and a special martial arts class. With pick-up and drop-off options available, this after school program caters to parents who need a safe, reliable and fun experience for their children after they leave school.

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Experience Utah County martial arts like never before with Champion Karate West. We are here to answer questions, talk about champion experiences, discuss class options, and much more.


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